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Welcome to FLEETBASE KIWI...

My fleet is predominantly all based around the popular 1/72nd scale plastic model size. Although I am toying with the thought of some at a larger size!   Having the entire armada all sitting on the water at once makes for a much better scale appearance in my mind. Plenty of bits and pieces on offer in that scale too.
                  SURFACE FLEET                    
 Te Kaha  (1/72)
 Flower Class Corvette  (1/72)
 Inshore Patrol Vessel IPV (1/72)
 Flower Class Corvette #2  (1/72)
 OSA1 Missile boat  (1/72)
 OSA2 Missile boat  (1/72)
E boat  (1/72)
S-100 boat  (1/72)
S-100 Flak boat  (1/72)
Japan PT-15  (1/72)
Vosper MTB  (1/72)
Vosper Perkasa  (1/72)
Lindenberg Tug  (1/72)
St Roch  (1/72)
Severn Class Lifeboat  (1/72)
Sunseeker 108ft Luxury Launch  (1/72)
 CB-90 Combat Boat  (1/35)
 MTB G5  (1/35)
 PT109  (1/35)
 Schnellboot S-100  (1/35)
 MAS 568  (1/35)
 Vosper 72  (1/35)
 LCM 3  (1/35)
 LCM 3  (1/35)
 LCVP  (1/35)
 Alpha Patrol Boat PBR  (1/18)
 LCM  (1/16th)
 Type VIIc  (1/72)
 Type VIIc 41 (1/72)
 Type IXc U505 (1/72)
 Gato  (1/72)
Skipjack  (1/72)
Seehund  (1/72)
 Manned Research Submersible  (1/72)
 Type XXIII Coastal Submarine  (1/35)
                  CIVILIAN FLEET                    
 Hobby King Princess
 King of Shaves
 Traxxas Spartan
 Traxxas Villain
 Tear Into Jet Boat
 Swamp Dawg
 Kyosho Seawind
Tamiya Innovator
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